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A game FF-CRYPTO.ML- fast-paced, unique online economic game - your stable and reliable income! Our team of specialists has fully thought out the project, each of its mechanisms, as well as further development and updating. FROM FF-CRYPTO.ML Interesting earnings and much more await you.


1. Your money is kept in two project accounts (one for replenishment, the second for withdrawal). Your replenished amount in the project account one is used for diversifying investments. And every day the required amount is derived from investments to the second account for payments.

2. The fastest possible payments to your wallet!

3. Complete absence of pitfalls! Our wallet has full of reserve funds.

4. No fake stats. Everything is as it is! Completely transparent system that works for you!


1. The site script has a huge number of levels of protection against hacking and penetration.

2. Any moments with the leakage of working capital are completely excluded.

3. The administration uses a well-thought-out and unique system to protect all funds and reserves.

4. User accounts are constantly updated and decisions are made to improve protection.

5. Full control and centralization of all monetary transactions, archive.


1. Our technical support service is always ready to answer any question you are interested in about the project and help solve any problem in the game.

2. A prompt payment processing and technical support service is available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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