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Help for players

Question: How to start playing?

Answer: After registering on the project, you get a bonus of 10 rubles = 1000 coins, you can buy a mining coin on them, which will instantly start bringing you profit! Collect profits and withdraw without any problems to various payment systems without any restrictions!

Question: How to top up the balance?

Answer: You can replenish your balance in the "Account balance" section in any available way. Replenishment is available using the Payeer payment system. Top-ups are made automatically!

Question: How soon can I withdraw the money accumulated from the project?

Answer: Immediately after you collect the minimum withdrawal amount - 1 ruble. = 100 coins!

Question: Does the project have a maximum payout amount?

Answer: No. Your earnings are unlimited!

Question: Can I exchange money from one account to another?

Answer: Yes. Our project has a section "Exchange of money" where you can exchange your money from the account for withdrawal to the account for purchases.

Question: How else can you make money on a project besides buying a mining coin?

Answer: You can earn money in two more ways:
1. By inviting friends-referrals to our project.
2. Receiving bonuses of our project.
Each relevant section has a detailed description.

Question: How can I attract referrals?

Answer: You need to send your affiliate link, which is located in the "My referrals" section to the user or users you want to invite. As soon as they top up the balance, you will immediately receive money for them to your account for withdrawal! Affiliate program: 5%

Question: Can I register a friend / brother / sister / husband / mom / dad / grandmother / grandfather from my computer?

Answer: You can't. This is prohibited by the project rules. In case of detection - automatic blocking without the possibility of recovery.

Question: Is it required to present identity documents at registration?

Answer: No, this is not required, you just need to enter the relevant information requested by the system in the registration fields.

Question: I didn't find an answer here, where can I ask questions?

Answer: You can ask questions to us by mail, which is indicated in the support section.

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